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2.jpg" />Hey Club! So, I FINALLY got these "UK Look" 2015 Versa Note SR trim mirrors on my car. I was given inside door removal tips by a member on Nissan Versa Note Owners Club on facebook. Then found some wiring diagrams for my car online---with that information, my Partner was able to swap my stock ones out with the new, then get them wired in and spliced them into my existing turn signals without any new additional wire harnesses to buy.

I am very happy with the look and the additional safety of the bright LED turn signal repeaters on them.

Just last night on the way home from work I noticed the difference---people give me more room when I throw on the blinkers and don't creep up next to me when I am turning, now---They can actually see me better!

ALL US CARS SHOULD HAVE THESE. I paid a fortune for them, though.

I had a blown out drivers side strut that was fixed at my Nissan Dealer Service Dept. this last week. Luckily, it was covered under warranty, even though I have lowered my front end 8/10ths of an inch (with Sustec Tanabe lowering springs) isn't that drastic of a drop, and I think the service advisor could appreciate that---plus, they are better quality than what Nissan put in there to begin with!

I am going to hold off on more performance modifications as long as my warranty is still in effect. I sure would not like to pay out of pocket for any new problems. For now, I am very happy with my ride!!

It is another HOT summer here in the So Cal Desert. We've had to be out of our house do to some interior work that is being done. Staying at a nice resort hotel in Palm Desert, CA. The worst part has been having to park my car outside overnights. During the day the temps have been well over 110° and even with my dark tinted windows, my car interior feels like a furnace when I get in.

I try to get parking spots under trees for some shade, but then she gets covered in pollen and bird/bee crap.

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I used to park under trees every day. the tree sap was the worst. At least you dont have a black car, they are the worst for heat!

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This is how she sits, today. Had a Varex X-Force adjustable volume muffler installed from CAT back, with a resonator delete. Just cut my TANABE Sustec lowering springs in the front to reduce front fender gap.

Besides wanting to add a TANABE Tower Strut brace and under brace, she is DONE.

I'm still very happy with the Alpine speakers-swap & Bass speaker box & Amp upgrades that I had done over a year and a half ago. Haven't found any need to upgrade in-dash audio system. The stock unit Bluetooth phone system works flawlessly every time I hop in my vehicle with my LG Stylo mobile.

This is how she will stay until my warranty runs out in about 10,000 miles. After that, we'll see.

Sorry it took so long to respond back. I had to search through my records in order to state more accurately the actual cost of my modifications. By far the most costly change was my stereo upgrade---had in not been for THAT, the cost to make my ride look the way it does was $1,785.00.

The audio upgrades brought the total up to $3,000.

Being that I only had to finance $12,000. through Nissan North America with no money down (after the trade in value of $3,000. for a broken Chrysler PT Cruiser)---I think I have done pretty well economically Modding a car that costs very little to maintain and operate. Now, she looks (and SOUNDS---with the help of the exhaust change!), much meaner and sportier, without even costing as much as a 2015 Versa NOTE SR (Approx: $18,950.), which has much closer of a look to your UK Spec Notes that I covet so much.

At this point, I can't really drive anywhere with out folks stopping to ask me what my car is. I de-badged it soon after I bought it and added a Gen 1 UK NOTE emblem. When I explain that it is a Versa Note, the usual response is: "Why don't they ALL look like THAT?!"