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All season tyres for nissan note

There is now an alternative to the 16" Conti, if you google it you will find it. I had an offside front sidewall split on me on New Years Eve this year, all I did was to slowly roll up a 3" kerb and the bugger opened up like Kermit's gob. The interior was really dry and crusty looking too, perhaps Nissan have the wheels and tyres fitted and kept in storage long term until they have a car to fit them to. Anyway, Kwikfit at Hounslow were really on the ball, fitting a new boot (Conti) in less than 20 minutes with a minimum of fuss and bother. I was back on the road within an hour of the split occurring, and that included putting on the space-saver,phoning KF to check availability, and driving 3 miles to the depot! The boys were so good I slipped a pony in their tips box. excellent service and on a day when they would rather have been at home I'm sure!

my oem conti's seem soft thay are nearly down to the wear limts in under 6k miles its not like i drive it hard either, theres a lot more of the note size tyres about now suppose these modern size tyres are in demand now

last time i looked there was 6-7 brands and even corsa's what are made by pirelli for £45 a corner

My front tyres will need replacing soon and I'm unsure which make to go for, certainly to expensive buying two conti 185/55 r 16's. My car has forceum hexa's fitted on the rear which I have no problem with and the grip levels seem pretty good in the wet or dry, plus the tread design is quite smart with an aggressive directional pattern. Retail at £55 each.

You can pick them up for under £50 and then just take them to a garage and get them to fit the tyres.

Google Ebay for Contis - I found them at £84 each.

Course this does mean you'll need to get someone to fit them, so £100 is pehaps not so bad.

You seem to be limited to tyres from Dunlops, Conti's, Falkens, Yokohamas or budget.

On our current Citroens. Glenda's Yokohama's have 50K on them and are just coming up (down?) to the 3mm mark, my Michelins have 48K and still have 4mm left.

I must admit to being alarmed at the high wear rate on these Contis!

Just found Pirellis at that size for £90 - so will be looking to fit those at the car's first anniversary.