Who are you guys?

Alloys nissan note

(The rims are leaking, because the pc brigade have stopped anybody using the proper paint on the alloy wheels, as discussed elsewhere.)

1) go and use up another favour, get the tyres knocked off the rims, sand the rims, etch prime and lacquer, then get the tyres back on and balanced, at mates rates, likely £20 plus a lot of work.

2) get the wheels refurbished, this will eliminate kerbing marks, and repair the rims so they don't leak, probably last another 4 years too.

The car is red, with black privacy glass & plasticy bits.

The guy at the shop says all the boys are picking anthracite now (I guess that is a very very dark grey)

Anyone got photos of a red note with coloured wheels to post please?

silver wheels, silver brightens it up, and makes it look cleaner.

I'm liking the grey, got over a week to choose, there is a long waiting list at the wheel refurbishers.

Takes 2 days, with the car standing on the drive sans wheels, £35 + VAT a wheel, tyres off refitted and balanced. (Its £24 more to take the car to them, and they look after it for 2 days on a trading estate. )

Well I got them, had to wait an hour whilst they cooled down.
I went for the same grey as the grille and lamp surrounds.

Not too bad, I think bright silver looks better though, but that would have made me feel I'd paid £168 for 2 puncture repairs.
Next time I'll change back to silver

Dunno whether the wheels are rubbish, or the tyres, there must be a kilogram of balance weights stuck on the inside