Who are you guys?

Argus nissan note acenta 2007

My daughter has a Sony DAB head unit in her Seat with one of those 'tin foil, stick up the side of the windscreen aerials'. So far she reports that she has not lost station or had poor reception travelling from London into rural west Wales and down to Westward Ho!

One thing that does 'irk' her is the need to get it to re-scan when you move into a low signal area. it only takes a couple of minutes but she thinks it should be done automatically, kids eh!

Understand that the government is going to phase out normal radio shortly so they can flog bandwidth to mobile companies which is one of the reasons why new cars often come with Dab radios as standard. You get more stations but I don't think this equals more choice as they all tend to play the same music/news etc

The Government has announced that it wants to switch off FM but only when certain criteria have been met. The reason why they want to do this has nothing to do with selling the FM bandwidth to mobile companies (they can't use it..wrong frequencies etc). The real reason is that the commercial radio boys are losing money because they are having to transmit on both DAB and FM. So they are lobbying the Govt hard so that they (the commercial boys) can make more profit. The fact that if this happens millions and millions of FM radio owners in the UK (in the home and in the car) wil be forced to go out and waste their money buying something that they simply do not want.