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Arnold clark new nissan note

Just picked up my second hand Nissan Note today from Arnold Clark in Huddersfield.

It's a Tekna 1.2 Dig.S Automatic first registered July 2014 with 8500 on the clock. I am not sure what style pack it is. When I picked it up Arnold Clark couldn't find the SD card for the Sat Nav which I was not impressed with - but promised to get me one asap. I had to drive away because I live in Barnsley and needed to get home.

I noticed that there does not seem to be an outside temperature reading on the dash. I looked in the handbook and it said it was next to the Petrol tank - if fitted! Does that mean this top of the range car does not automatically have it as standard? Or does it need switching on? I also didn't realize that the 360 degree cameras do not come with rear parking sensors!

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Welcome to the forum . If you look through the posts (go to search) there is one covering the latest codes on the SD cards only this week. Arnold Clark could look through their collection box and give you any old card, (might not even work if it's a connect 1 card) because a new 2014 SD Card will cost them over £100 to purchase one for you. You could look up the information and when you phone through, you can give them the correct SD card number. Remember your connect requires a connect 2 card. As for reversing sensors. Surely, if you put the car in reverse, the rear camera comes on and you can see where your going, why would you need reversing sensors beeping as well? When I took a 2014 Note out and had to reverse between two cars and found the reversing camera great with the superimposed lines on it, I would have struggled If I had to park mine E11 in the same small gap