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Automatic nissan note

The adding of the automatic transmission constantly changes the relationship, further emphasizes the technological profile of the new Nissan Note. The model in which Nissan wants to make a difference in the small MPV . with an emphasis on innovation and technology in the service of the driver and passengers, is offered in a version that fully meets their requirements and expectations. Now, apart of this mechanical gearbox, buyers of the new Nissan Note have the option of an advanced automatic CVT . combined with the super charged petrol engine of 1.2 liters .

The CVT transmission has a range of new technologies. including an auxiliary planetary gear system helps smooth acceleration and allows the use of smaller pulleys. In this way is obtained a larger distance between the pulleys and the surface lubricating the transmission which leads to a reduction of the quantity of lubricant required for the moving parts.

The end result is less friction and higher efficiency as it allows achieving very wide range of gear ratios with a very small volume and weight. The advanced automatic transmission CVT, is available to the new Nissan Note with the petrol engine 1.2 Super Charged. performance 98PS. with price starting from 16.490 euros for quite rich version Acenta Pack Family. including the benefit of withdrawal.