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Benzineverbruik nissan note

20mA trips the earth leakage, if there was a 20mA 'leak' constantly that would amount to 3 units/month. For the earth leakage not to trip there would need to be a very consistent high impedance fault between live and neutral (not involving earth) which is highly unlikely at these low voltages.

Blowing up of 3-phase joints can occur for many reasons, and 3-phase is very different to single phase.

The thing about the type of fault that you are talking about is that it can occur between the phases only and is therefore not detectable by earth fault.
It therefore only manifests itself when the failure is catastrophic and overload protection takes it out. At 11kV we tend to screen the individual cores and therefore any fault tends to get detected as an earth fault before it becomes a phase to phase fault (big damage).

In fact water is not a bad analogy for electricity, pressure = voltage, flow = current and pipe diam and length = resistance (or impedance).

Maybe I need to retract my statement that electricity does not leak like water, although water can leak aimlessly into the ground, electricity must travel in a circuit i.e. a circle.

Hope this is not too much waffle, maybe interesting. Probably not.

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Theoretically yes, practically unlikely, at 220V the conductors need to be very close together to get an arc (low pressure) so tends to be either yes or no. We have had problems with earth leakages tripping due to leakage capacitance though, that was a real pain to find.

You used the old mine method to find your fault. They used to get all the workers standing out along the faulted underground 11kV cable route, re-energise it and wait for the guys to shout where the smoke came out the ground.

Bet it was more accurate than any of the cable fault detectors I've seen.

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Henris yes it will show if it is drawing current. not that easy to confirm if it SHOULD be drawing current though (unless you have a surface temp meter to check the temp of the water leaving the geyser)

maar ja, as daai ou steeds stroom trek na meer as uur van GEEN warm water gebruik nie dan sal ek in elk geval die ELEMENT en die TERMOSTAAT vervang.

Coenraad daar IS n manier om wel n aanduiding te kry - kyk hoeveel eenhede in een uur gebruik word, sit dan die geyser by die DB af en kyk wat word in die volgende uur gebruik. Nie tegnies korrek nie, en baie goed wat die lesing kan beinvloed, maar nie te min n maklike toets om n aanduiding te kry.

Hi Chris. A rough way to check the thermostat is to adjust it higher and lower around the original set point and you can hear it clicking in and out. This can also be confirmed with a Fluke (multimeter).

Just running the geyser for an hour as you say leaves things wide open to all sorts of errors.

Two things we need to eliminate, thermostat is easy, water leak just turn off everything and check the meter.

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I get the issues every day, we use too much electricity. we have nothing on.
I fit monitors to the supply and we can see exactly where the usage is going.
Very rarely you have a leakage.
I got a call out to Steenberg golf estate a few months ago .
Electricity is R3500 pm. the neighbor is R2369-00 pm. what is causing the problem. we have nothing on.
An aircon using 23 amps is going flat out in the kitchen with all the doors and windows open

So ORA goes in to investigate.
I turn off all switches in the house. including 5 heated towel rails and two UFH circuits working. Temp outside 23 deg nogal.
3 X double door fridges, one on but empty.
In the bar. 1 bar fridge on. with one coke in.

I turn off all taps, water taps, stopcocks.
Hmm news flash. i see the water meter is still going round. Well i had to get a plumber in with a leak detector device. We found the HWC pipe under one of the three bathroom floors is leaking hot water into the ground, but still has contact with the pipe to give water to the bath tap.

So hot water is going full time, thermostat not switching off.
Insurance will pay to dig up the bathroom floor and reinstate, but not to repair the pipe.

I also found that they had an instant water kettle arrangement under the kitchen sink 6kw. Maid just lets this run.
I also found that they had a nice 2.4kw kettle, in the daytime a whole lot of other stuff which i wont go into.
We fitted clocks and relays to the 3 X 4 kw HWC.
we replaced some of the 12v 50w with LED (R120-00 each compared to R30-00)
we also fitted energy saving lamps in table lamps which use less power.
So we cut out a lot of wasted energy using stuff, which wasn't necessary and got the bill to below R2500-00.
We replace the incandescent under counter philinea 60w lamps with 14w strip lighting.X 6
Lights are left on in the toilets, in the garage, in rooms and garden lights on during the day
We cut that out. They knew it but didnt think of it
We replaced some of these with more energy efficient lamps.
As we were packing up to leave, guess what. the Sauna and Jacuzzi arrives.
I had to have a beer now.

ALL appliances. fridges, stoves, computer related stuff, printers, clocks, alarm charging stuff, gate motors, and a whole host of things is using power. how little, doesn't matter it all adds up.
We as humans need the stuff to live.