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Bike carrier nissan note

the ole fiesta is getting on and starting to get to the point where major bits will need to be replaced anytime soon.

Been looking at small cars and the Nissan note seems to be coming top.

the car will rarely see a motorway but will need to carry a pram and 11 month old.

not fussed on either diesel or petrol, but economy is priority. the fiesta was a 1.4 tdci but i guess petrol will be ok.

not badge snobs oh and have about 6-6.5k to play with

I looked at one a few years ago and was stunned by just how small and unusable the load space was. Ended up with a jazz at the top of our list. However, in the end, our old car was repaired for less than we thought so we stuck with that.

thats surprising, the reviews say its quite flexible, but i guess you cant tell until you see one in the flesh!

I was trying to put a bike in it. The floor level was pretty high. There are other cars in that category with more useable space. Guess it depends what you want to put in it.

I have one, there is lots of space, however, the boot has a fake floor. The boot floor is the same level as the rear seats when folded over. However, the rear bench slides forwards and back meaning that for a small car you do have a deep boot. I packed 3 bikes a weekend of stuff and another person into mine.

Or you can slide the rear seats back and Terry is more room then there was in my mondeo for the person sitting behind me.

I have the desiel and I'm getting about 56-60mpg out of it. So far have not really had any mechanical issues, despite clocking up 40k miles in the last year, I work on a 18mile long construction site, so a fair few of those miles were not on paved road. Went through a wheel bearing though.

By the way, it is not a big car being based on a micra! But it does pack it in!

Only had one as a hire car, and found it to be ok, but it didn't have that solid feel you get with VW group cars. As Onzadog, it dosen't have a huge amount of space in it. Considered one when I was looking to buy, but went for a Skoda Roomster, VW build quality but cheaper! and great for carrying bikes.