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Car tax nissan note 1.4

We bought a Ford fiesta last summer and love it. It's a 1 litre, but with ecoboost so it drives like a 1.4 litre. We pay no road tax and insurance is ludicrously low.

At the moment it's just two of us but we're expecting a baby in the next few weeks, and we're confident we can fit everything in. We've managed to bring home a serious ikea shop, and the boot is surprisingly spacious.

The actual mpg is usually lower than advertised, but it still significantly lower than our previous car. We've been v pleased with how far we can get on a tank.

Another suggestion for you.
I've got a seat Ibiza Ecomotive which is zero tax and has great fuel economy. Insurance really cheap too.
Our dog sits on the back seat but if this car is a bit small for you they also make an estate version. Or the seat Leon Ecomotive may be worth a look.
I'm thinking of getting a different car (just for a change) but can't find anything I want to swap it for

I've just got a Nissan Note & it's surprisingly spacious.

First time I've ever had a brand new car but it's on a 2 year lease - I'd had a nightmare with my last car, which had cost me a fortune in the last 18 months, so thought I'd give leasing a go.

To get much power in the engine you have to go for fairly new or kind of pricey. I have a Fiat 500 which is still a bit wimpy & £35/yr road tax, but not so new/expensive and I wanted to stay very small.

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