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Condenser nissan note

If you have found yourself sweltering in the heat, the issue could be down to a broken air conditioning condenser. Luckily, we have condensers appropriate for all vehicles - just enter your car's details at the top of the page to find your perfect fit.

Most modern vehicles have an air conditioning unit as a standard specification. The condenser's job is to change the gas from the refrigerant into liquid, whilst expelling heat from the car. Condensers are normally located at the front of the radiator, and release heat instead of evaporating it.

In addition to your comfort, working air conditioning systems add value to your vehicle. You should keep your air conditioning fully operational in order to avoid sweltering heats for you and your passengers. In some systems, the hot and cold air are blended to achieve the desired temperature setting. In these cases, when the air conditioning system fails you will not only not get any cold air, but the entire temperature regulation in your car will be affected.

You have selected Quantity 1 x Brake Disc. Brake discs are recommended to always be changed in pairs. Therefore it is recommended that you select Quantity x 2. If your vehicle has specific Brake Discs for each side (e.g. some BMW M3 vehicles), please check the specification and select the correct Brake Disc(s) and Quantity.