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Dimensions du coffre de la nissan note

The Nissan Juke is becoming one of the most common sights on the UK’s roads, however, the crossover styling may put off some consumers who might think it’s bigger and thirstier than it actually is.

Fortunately you can rely on carwow to distill the Juke’s vital statistics down to easily digestible facts and figures…

The Juke is based on the Renault –Nissan Alliance “B platform” that underpins small hatchbacks like the Nissan Micra. Nissan Note and Renault Clio .

This makes it surprisingly dinky at only just over 4.1 metres long, sitting between the Clio and the Nissan Pulsar. The NISMO performance variant is 30mm longer thanks to re-profiled bumpers. There’s not much by way of overhang either, with the rear shorter than the front at 860mm to 770mm. Combined with a 170mm ride height, the different versions of the Juke are able to tackle 23 degree inclines on average.

At 1,765mm (5 feet 9 inches) wide including the mirrors, it’s small enough to fit through any parking space, road narrowing or garage door – even the stupidly tiny ones you find in new-build houses.