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Nissan note 1.5 dci teszt

The tunit box is fantastic, there now seems to be loads more power throughout the rev range and the noticeable turbo lag that was there before has all but gone. Also the average fuel consumption has improved by about 3-4 mpg! It's also good how easy the box is to remove if need be, 10 minute job. It really has increased my enjoyment of the car, I really can't fault it, worth every penny.

Graham Hayes from Wellingborough,
Audi, Q7 3.0 TDI V6
November 2011

The Tunit fitted and working well. Additional power great but now getting 33 mpg versus the 25 mpg that I was getting. I originally left the setting at the default 5 and was getting about 29mpg, I thought by moving to 7, I would have increased power but reduced mpg, however the opposite has happened. I fitted the unit myself in the end, it was very simple to do.

Rod Hill from Inverness,
Audi, A6 1.9 TDI
October 2008

A fantastic product. As a taxi owner it saves me on fuel but also makes the car easier to drive with less gear changing because of the extra torque

This is my fourth Audi TDi and my first A6. I opted for the 3.0Tdi Quattro SE Avant as it rides a little higher than the S-Line which helps when towing my caravan. When reading reviews the A6 was criticised for a firm ride so I had the adaptive air suspension fitted and it is superb, in comfort mode it floats along and gives a superb ride, however for a sporty ride just set it to dynamic. This is my first automatic and the tiptronic is a dream to use with apparently seamless shifting, you can over ride it at anytime with the shift paddles giving you total control. I had my 3 previous TDi's superchipped but this time I have gone for the Tunit unit which I had fitted at Tunit Chorley along with a K+N Filter. If you sell the car you can take it off in minutes and Tunit will give you a part ex allowance if it is not compatible with your new car. It now punches out 275 bhp and the power delivery is smooth and instant.

Jeff Emmett from Oxfordshire,
Audi, Allroad 3.0 TDi
March 2010

"Try before you buy" is a very fair and effective way to market your product as there are so many similar kits offered on the market and no other gives you this option. Your appointed Dealer, Humphris of Oxford gave excellent service and your product has tranformed the performance of this car - it has brought it alive! Thank you

Alan Preston from Bolton,
Audi, A4 2.0 TDI
October 2008

This is my 3rd Tunit and I would not run a tdi without one. The current tunit has improved the torque tremendously making it far easier to drive due to less gear changes. The throttle response is instant without any turbo lag and I would recommend a Tunit to friends and family.

Allen Beechey from N.Devon,
Audi. A6 All Road
May 2011

Never thought this engine would be smoother than it already was.power has increased and gained 5 more miles per gallon.setting 5praise tunit enoughdoes exactly was it says on the tinis a 2.5 tdi audi allroad,i will most certainly be recommending your product to my motoring friends.thank you once againF Sanders Ltd who installed the device was excellant in his customer care. Mr A BEECHEY.

Ralph Grinter from Pontypridd,
Audi, A4 2.0 TDI 170bhp
October 2008

hi mike,just a short note about my tunit ,performance is a lot better now that the car is run in. with economy slightly improved. very impressed with unit many thanks ralph

M. Bland from Newcastle–Upon-Tyne,
Audi, A4 1.9 TDI-PD
September 2007

Thanks for all your help on Monday, I didn’t appreciate the difference in my car until yesterday. Getting into it after not driving for 24 hours was a revelation. Cold starting did not produce the usual black smoke, there was no hesitation when moving off form standstill and the throttle response was much quicker with VERY smooth acceleration. So smooth that my wife commented on it. The improvement to torque at low revs means that the car will trickle along in 3rd gear without throttle, even up a slight incline! All in all Tunit is worth every penny.

Ronnie Bain from Aberdeenshire.
Audi, A4 3.0 V6 TDi
October 2012

Hello Dan, Thanks for your reply,got your instructions in the box actually,dad never mentioned they were in there, therefore managed it no problem,installed in 10 mins- no battery power this time,so saved a job. Done a test drive and was amazing difference,infact i had to brake that hard from around 100 mph,my bl**dy pad wear light is now on! Your costing me a fortune Dan! So on that note. ive whacked it up to number seven,s*d the expense.

Ronnie Horakova from Aberdeenshire,
Audi, A6 2.0 TDI 140bhp
February 2010

My car is going like a train. I think i'm getting about 10 extra mpg,measured on a nice flat straight roadalone is worth the money. (I'm trying to convince my dad and sister to get one now! Think mum is the main problem here!)</p><p> Thanks,

Roger Binks from St. Albans,
Audi, A4 2.0 TDI 170bhp
October 2008

Needed more mpg and grunt! Ordered tunit, fitted it, smiled!

Martyn Walley from Newcastle-Under-Lyme,
Audi, Q5 2.0TDi DPF
August 2010

I was quite sceptical about investing in a Tunit unit, however having now fitted one I wish I had bought one for my last vehicle now having witnessed the difference. I am still trying to get my head around the amount of increased performance and fuel consumption, logic says increased performance reduces fuel efficiency, not in this case it’s simply amazing. I used to average around 36-37 MPG, since fitting the Tunit V-CR I now get 46-47 MPG, and towing well, that’s another amazing change, previous returns of 22-24 MPG where as now I am getting 31-33 MPG, but you really benifit here with the increase torque, outstanding and thank you!

Niel Murphy from Preston,
Audi, A3 TDI
October 2008

From knowing little about diesel tuning I knew my car was more capable, a friend recommended tunit. One phone call convinced me it is a quality product, I collected my box the same afternoon were I was taken through the product install and even shown were to locate the box on my car. The service was fantastic and even before fitting the tunit box I left with a smile and now an even bigger one with the difference it has made to my car. thanks

Still can’t get over how fast you got the TUNIT here to Italy! Shipped and fitted within 24 hours. fantastic. oh and I’m now keeping up with boys in their 530d’s on the Autostrade!

Robert Slowey from Leamlara, County Cork, Ireland,
BMW, 320D
October 2008

Excellent customer service with knowledgable staff.

Paul Douglas from Suffolk,
BMW, 335d
February 2009

Hi Dan.</p> <p>Thank you for the chat on Friday. Transferred the unit to my new 335d. Using setting 6 the effect was immediate and obvious. Previous slight "hesitation" when pulling away now gone completely, car is much more responsive, the auto box seems to use lower revs, car is quieter and smoother, economy improved etc. Quite how the same unit can perform so well on 2 different cars is a mystery to me (though perhaps not to you guys!) but it does and I am again, deeply impressed with the product. A brilliant car just got a whole lot better.

Robert Coles from Bridgend,
BMW, 320D
October 2008

Believe it to be excellent product trouble free and easy to fit

Dave Butcher from Waterlooville,
BMW, Alpina D3
October 2008

After Installation the D3 vastly improved in performance reving like a petrol engine and the extra torque made it pull much harder through the gearsit improved the mpg by 4 which is outstanding.Highly reccomended Thanks Dave

I called in last week and decided to go-ahead with yourselves fitting the unit to my BMW 330D. After a short while (approx 30 mins), my car was fitted with the unit and ready to go. I could not believe the instant response as soon as I accelerated, as, with most diesels, the turbo lag was obvious before fitting of the tunit. to my amazement, this turbo-lag has been completely eliminated, giving my car instant acceleration. This was my main objective with this already powerful car, and after driving back home, I was totally convinced of the improvement both in economy and power. It feels as though I have had a completely new more powerful engine fitted, as the power range through the gearbox (auto) is smoother and about 30-40% quicker. To make matters even more immpressive, I have noticed approx. 12 mpg gain. This is a true reading on my on-board-computer, and I have now worked out that it will take me about 6-7 months of driving to "get-my-money-back" on this faultless unit! What more can I say. Absolutely thrilled with the product and I would recommend it to everyone

I've got the tunit turned up as high as possible as my car is always packed with heavy gear and still performs well. Seems progressively smoother and doesn't have such a bad dead spot at high revs. I shall probably go through tyres more quickly but it's rejuvenated my love of the car and on average the consumption is still better than before but exact figures I'm not sure of.

Julian Bailey-Watts from Chippenham,
BMW, X5 3.0d
October 2008

Stephen Fenn from Essex,
Ford, Mondeo TDCi 130 auto
August 28th 2006

I recently purchased a TUNIT for my Mondeo 130bhp Automatic station wagon. I noticed an improvement in performance, smoothness and fuel consumption immediately after fitting but it was not until I did the round trip to UK last week that I really saw the difference. I drove 3500Km in seven days my average consumption was 6.5l per 100 km, previous trips gave 7.2l per 100 km an improvement of 9.7%. The extra power available was particularly noticeable when climbing the quite steep hills on the French Auto route resulting in a much more relaxed journey. I would like to congratulate you on a very good product.

Mark Sullivan from Leyburn,
Hino, 700 FS
22nd November 2007

You are now my bestest pal in the whole world. and all that! After me ordering the box on the phone from you, it came well inside 24 hours and I fitted it myself after my first load at 06.00 in the dark, which is why it took about 3 minutes including tilting the cab! I have used it for one day on factory setting 5 to get used to the extra grunt the truck now has and will turn it up bit by bit. It is very noticeable that it has more power now because I can skip 3-4 gears when fully loaded changing up which is very strange (but I can get used to it!). Ill give it a go for a while playing with it and let you know by phone or computer message how I get on. Again thanks mate I think for the money it cost Im glad I didnt go for the re-map. --- Update - Received 24th February 2009: Hey Dan, Just clearing some stuff from my e-mails and found this. My truck has now done 330,000kms plus with the tunit box and is still on max power from the day I got it. (I was told 535bhp). The engine uses no oil from service to service. How much does a 480 bhp Volvo cost? because a lad in a TARMAC 8x4 had a go with me last year and could not run with me from 40mph up until the speed limiters. Thanks lads I am still happy with my box. (driving like a **** does save fuel with the box though). All the best Mark

D Towers from Hereford.
Honda. Accord 2.2 I-DTEC
August 2011

You gave me the name of Aldon Automotive as a Company who could carry out a Rolling Road Test a few weeks ago. I contacted them and visited on the 12th July. They carried out the test and made a few small adjustments to the Tunit box and the car is now running extremely well. I have now covered about 800 miles and the performance available is certainly improved along with the general driveability. The economy has also improved and currently stands at about 46 to 47 mpg over mixed driving. The previous figure was about 42 to 43. The purpose of my email is to say how pleased I was with the service I received from Aldon Auto. They were very courteous, helpful and knowledgeable, and even directed us to an excellent value breakfast. I also thought the cost was very reasonable indeed and would thoroughly recommend their services to others.

Rohit Nayar from Harrow,
Honda, Civic 1.7 d
October 2008

The honda 1.7 is a good standard car but no guts. With the ever increasing fuel costs i took the plunge and purchase a tunit with a view to reduce costs on fuel. the end result never looked backed. The car has driving characteristics are so much better. Mid range is fantastic. Bigger cars are so surprised.

John Pope from Leicester,
Honda. C-RV 2.2 i-CTDi
March 2011

Hi Dan. Just to let you know how I am getting on with my Tunit. Fuel consumption has increased on local runs by 5mpg but best of all towing performance is super have changed to a larger caravan since fitting the unit its much quicker off the mark and it flys up the hills can keep in 6gear much longer and is smother. Had to remove the unit when the crv went in for service really do notice the loss of power and acceleration without it. Will keep you updated when I do so long distance touring with the van this year. John Pope

Jason Todd from Retford.
Honda, 2.2 I-CTDi
March 2013

Hi Dan, made it back, on way to yours I had 52mpg around 80 all the way on the way back had around 63mpg at 80mph first gear when turbo kicks in at boost is a real neck snapper though cant believe it but might actually turn it down a notch for driving round town or i wont have a flywheel or even turbo left haha

Saly James from Colchester,
Honda, Civic 2.2 TDi ES
12th May 2008

John Gronow from Swansea.
Hyundai, Tucson 2.0CRDi
March 2011

I am extremely happy with the Tucson. which is fitted with “all the toys”, and in terms of being an automatic, I wouldn’t drive a “manual” ever again. it’s fabulous. Now that I have proof of the worth of the Tunit, even though the price of “juice” is a great concern to we motorists, I can enjoy the car even more. Finally I can confirm, hand-on-heart, that the cost of the Tunit was worth-while. I also fitted a K & N air-filter at the time of fitting the Tunit, which, reading the information supplied, should be helping the car “breath” better. I have been impressed with the kindness shown by you and your staff. my questions on the merits of Tunit were met kindly, and I appreciate that.

John Gronow from Swansea.
Hyundai, Tucson 2.0CRDi
March 2011

I am extremely happy with the Tucson. which is fitted with “all the toys”, and in terms of being an automatic, I wouldn’t drive a “manual” ever again. it’s fabulous. Now that I have proof of the worth of the Tunit, even though the price of “juice” is a great concern to we motorists, I can enjoy the car even more. Finally I can confirm, hand-on-heart, that the cost of the Tunit was worth-while. I also fitted a K & N air-filter at the time of fitting the Tunit, which, reading the information supplied, should be helping the car “breath” better. I have been impressed with the kindness shown by you and your staff. my questions on the merits of Tunit were met kindly, and I appreciate that.

Mike Sutherland from Aberdeenshire,
Isuzu, Rodeo 3.0L
May 2009

Very impressed. Noticeably improved acceleration and responsiveness as well as slightly better economy. Towing now much easier with heavy loads as well as being more fun to drive without. Well worth the money and much better value than paying manufacturer for same engine with higher power output.

Andy Weller from Cambridgeshire,
Jeep, Grand Cherokee 2.8 C
18th August 2006

Tunit arrived in good time and was very easy to fit, the small picture helped a treat! On the first outing, with the dial still set at 5, the Jeeps MPG reading steadily rose and kept rising for about 150 miles or so giving me about 5 miles per gallon extra. With the dial set on at a lower number, would the fuel consumption increase further? The 0-60 time is not of huge importance to me as the jeep is fairly quick for its size anyway! Regards and thanks for your help again

Stas Porokhnya from South Croydon,
Jeep, Patriot 2.0TD
May 2009

Since October 2008 I have had the tunit fitted in my Jeep Patriot, 07, Ltd, 2.0 VW, diesel. I am really impressed with the difference in performance (and I have had it in my Jeep for 7 months now). The main thing is the car became a springster. It's brilliant in low gears! I'd definitely recommend Tunit to whoever has modern VW diesel. My car is 4x4, and it flies and is certainly not thirsty. A big thank you for introducing me to Tuningwerkes in Croydon! My cars are now spik and span!</p> <p>Kind regards

Steve Palmer from Coalville,
Jeep, Grand Cherokee 2.8 C
October 2008

Has made a significant improvement in both mpg and performance. Has smoothed out auto gear shift, reduced turbo lag and no more plumes of black smoke when accelerating hard. Overall really impressed, considering buying one for the Wrangler as well.

J.S. Davies from Stourbridge,
Jeep, Cherokee 3.0 V6
August 2009

Although these are early days I have already been agreeably surprised by the significant improvement in fuel economy registered by the car's onboard computer. Although this was never really a priority in purchasing the device it is certainly a welcome bonus.</p><p> I am a very satisfied customer and glad to have been able to find a device which my insurance firm were able to readily accept without increasing my premium too ridiculously, a device which is British instead of German or American, and a device which seems to perform as claimed.

Stuart Wallace from Sheffield.
Kia. Sedona
September 2011

Very pleased with service provided and achieving a 15% saving of fuel consumption. The previous 'flat spot' has also disappeared.

D Kenyon from Wigton,
Kia, Sorento 2.5
10th January 2007

On the 5th December 2006 I had a Tunit V-CR fitted to my Kia Sorento 2.5. I thought you would be interested to get some feedback on the change in performance before and after its fitting. The car is more lively with a better take-off from standstill and when overtaking vehicles at high speeds. Towing my caravan requires less throttle and again pulling away from standstill is much improved. These observations are, of course, subjective but I have also measured the mpg of the Kia solo and towing. When driving solo on local and longer trips I originally achieved 32-33 mpg. After the conversion I now get 36 mpg! This is excellent. Even better is the towing improvement. Before the conversion I got 22 mpg and after the Tunit was fitted I now get 26 mpg. Thanks also for the Millers fuel additive and the allowance for the K&N filter I already had. This has been one of the best investments I have made. I wish yourself and the staff a happy New Year and all the best for the future.

Andrew Campbell from.
Landrover, 2.7 TDV6 Range Rover
March 2013

Hi Reuben, Just a short note to say a big thank you for fitting my Tunit unit yesterday, i haven't driven the car since collecting it from your centre, but it felt more alert and responsive during the brief drive home.

Paul Spencer from York,
Landrover, Range Rover 3.6 V8
October 2008

Both latest vehicles have benefited greatly in terms of performance and fuel saving and I have had several on the different cars i have owned. Would always recommend.

Martin Bragg from Cumbria.
Landrover, 3.6TDV8 Range Rover
March 2013

After installing two tunits in three cars, number three Tunit for the RR Evoque is on order, it has proven very reliable. I sold the last Tunit when I bought the RR 4.2 Supercharged petrol and the diesel user is still enjoying that Tunit in his BMW - that goes back four years! I cruised down to Manchester airport yesterday in the Vogue and recorded 27.1 average MPG! I am not used to double-digits and the petrol station is complaining I am not in there much these days. And that in a 3-ton aerodynamic-brick with a 3.6 V8 engine. Fantastic - and it drive's well too - especially the 'pull' in D6 gear from low MPH. Best results are based on using D6 and setting the cruise for 72 MPH! As they say at Tesco's: "Every little helps!". Best regards, MARTIN BRAGG

Peter Clark from Finedon,
Landrover, Discovery TD5
October 2008

I tow a trailer weighing about 2 tonnes and also a caravan which weighs approx 1.5 tonnes and since fitting Tunit I find it performs better when overtaking and also climbing long drags on motorways and main roads

David Cotterill from GUERNSEY,
Landrover, Range Rover 3.6 V8
October 2008

Noticeable increase in power and torque. Extra acceleration. Took mine to 110mph in what seemed like no time at all.

Michael Cooper from Fareham.
Landrover, Freelander 2.2 SD4
February 2012

Hi Rick Thank you for re-programming my V-CR unit for use in a Land Rover Freelander 2 after I had used it for three years in a Freelander 1. I had the unit fitted to the Freelander 2 on Monday by Church Garage near Winchester, who were able to turn the dial up to the maximum setting of 9. Yesterday was the first real test with a 170 mile drive to Dorset. I was very impressed with the power and flexibility of the vehicle and the ability to remain in 6th gear over some very hilly sections of the A35. Fuel consumption according to the computer was 41.8m, an improvement, but one I would like to improve upon still further. I bought the Freelander 2 in November, it is an 07 plate, 4-year old vehicle, with 33,000-odd miles on the clock. Again, many thanks. With kind regards Michael Cooper

Derek Hunter from Preston,
Landrover, Range Rover Sport
October 2008

The Sport was a different car once the tunit had been fitted,as soon as I left the Tunit premises I could feel the increased power and the acceleration was a lot smoother, completing the Cannonball 8000 run to Zagreb at high speed really showed the difference that the tunit made.

Michael Cooper from Fareham.
Landrover, 2007 Freelander II 2
March 2013

Dan Many thanks for the very helpful letter. I'm sure I can make good use of it if potential insurers try to up my premiums. You ask about mpg with my Freelander 2. Just for the record, I originally fitted the Tunit to a Freelander 1 TD4 but in January last year had it re-calibrated by Tunit and fitted to my present Freelander 2, which had 32,058 miles on the clock when I bought it. I'm a low-mileage driver and in the 14 months since then have driven 6309 miles, of which approx 900 were towing a caravan. The total fuel used in those 14 months was 910.25 litres (200.22 gallons). Combining solo and towing that gives an average mpg of 35.94. The run to Dorset mentioned was solo and was as good a return as achieved at any time, much better than around town where the on-board computer shows an mpg in the low 30s. Hope the above is helpful. Kind regards Michael

Martyn Roper from Dubai,
Landrover, Defender TD5
October 2008

I run a Defender TD5 in Dubai, which is all city driving or desert sand driving. The Tunit has allowed me to be a boy racer around town and have enough umff to get up the bigger dune, neither of which was possible before the Tunit.

Tim Kearny from Tipton,
Landrover, Range Rover 2.5 D
October 2008

K Robinson from Lincs.
Mazda. CX-7 2.2
October 2013

Hi Jamie, To date everything is fine with your Tunit module I fitted. We have just been away touring with our caravan and the performance improvements I saw when solo driving are also evident whilst towing. The car is more responsive and pulls cleaner from low rev's, plus I have also seen a reduction in fuel consumption of around 10% whilst towing. 173BHP standard – 193BHP with tunit. 295FTLBS standard – 332FTLBS with tunit.

Keith R from Lincolnshire.
Mazda. CX-7 2.2
October 2013

Just a quick feed-back for you following the fitment of your Tunit module fitted to my Mazda CX7 last Monday. On the drive from home to your establishment I averaged @42 mpg. Following the installation, on the drive from you to my mothers home I averaged 52 mpg! On the 200 mile drive from my mothers to my home I averaged 52 mpg! No flook then. As indicated on the day, the car does run much smoother and the pickup and throttle response are much better. Great job guys, I shall be towing with the car soon so shall let you know how that goes also. Many thanks, Keith.

Graham Bird from Bedfordshire,
Mazda, 6 2.0 CDVI
August 2008

I purchased one of your units for the above vehicle last week at the motor show. I am impressed with the mid range torque and response, also an improvement of 5mpg. Many thanks for your advice.

Mark Hillam from Watlington, Oxfordshire,
Mercedes, Vito 120 CDI
October 2008

Gives better response and when you get over the fun of having more power everywhere fuel economy is better and the powers there when needed

Roger Darby from Northampton,
Mercedes, E-Class 220CDI
November 2006

I thought I should write to you having had a Tunit fitted to my Mercedes E-Class 220CDI Estate. I have just completed a 600 mile trip this past week end, and am delighted at the improvement in all-round performance of the car. It is so much smoother, more responsive in the 2500-3000rpm range, and has delivered a significant improvement in mpg. I am what might be described as an enthusiastic driver, and although now 70 years of age show no signs of slowing. Of course, one soon becomes accustomed to the way the car now drives, and easily forgets how it used to be. I am quite honestly surprised, and very pleased at the end result and have no hesitation in recommending this modification to anyone driving a similar vehicle. Thank you for your attention before the purchase, and I am glad to report that the service offered by your Peterborough Distributor was exemplary.

Clive Richard from Nottingham,
Mercedes, C220 CDI
October 2008

It has transformed my C220 which has the older the older engine giving lots more low down shove and increased torque all through the rev range. I was rather bored with the car before I had a Tunit - now it is rather fun to let it rip from time to time. It astonishes other drivers on motorways with its rapid acceleration.

Anthony White from Middlesex,
Mercedes, ML 270 CDI
October 2008

I have always had performance upgrade on all my cars history butthe Mercedes Diesel was my first. Having visited the motorshow and did some research tunit offered value for money and true figures to what is claimed. There was a huge difference when I fitted the Tunit kit that the egineer who installed it was very impressed. Here is an expample We drove on a stretch of road standard form and we hit 74mph at a marked point.After installing Tunit the same point we hit 89mph as the tourqe band was huge. Im pleased and well happy still reliable and savings on fuel agerage mpg gone up by 5-8mpg more.A good and worthwhile investment.

David OMahony from Dublin,
Mercedes, CLS 320CDI
June 2007

Got the Tunit. if I told you it took less than 3 minutes to fit. piece of cake. Have it on level 5 and will leave it there as there is no smoke and there is a noticeable improvement in performance (esp mid range. oodles more torque). Where the tunit does differ from the rest is that it is much more refined. I have had previous plug and plays. all these products were either full on or off which is not what I wanted for the Merc, which now is much more responsive. Regards David Received a week later. Nick Have had the tunit for one week so the honeymoon period is over. my thoughts? Its like driving a CLS 500 with the fuel economy of a diesel. I have left the module in position 5. the result oodles of torque. snappier acceleration and just all round a better car and would you believe smoother. What Merc are at with the standard ECU Ill never know. Tunit is streets ahead of previous plug and plays I have used.

Just a quick note to say that I fitted the tunit over the weekend and the results are excellent. The smooth quality original characteristics have not altered at all, however the acceleration is much stronger and longer I have not been on the motorway yet so not sure what the MPG will be like Thanks for all your help

Daniel Hawthorne from High Peak, Derbyshire,
MG, ZR 2.0 iDT
September 2008

I have had the wiring looked at and tested and then repositioned and all is now working. Im very grateful to you for your help and advice along the way when Ive needed it. There is now a noticeable improvement especially mid range in both second and third gears. The bottom end is still sluggish and this has now been checked and analysed as a flat spot on the air flow sensor which needs replacing. Im very happy with the improvements the Tunit has made.

Colin Norridge from Tatcham,
MG, ZT 2.0 CDT
24th July 2006

Unfortunately I cannot receive Men and Motors, but fortunately I do have my own Tunit device fitted to my MG ZT! and so together with my American car Hi-Fi system I can enjoy my own roadshow every day! What can I say, the V-CR Tunit device works exactly as advertised (how many products can you always say that about) and more. The engine now operates in the way the go faster looks and rear spoiler that were original to the car suggested it should. The pick up and acceleration are nothing short of phenomenal and the engine is turbine smooth and almost silent whilst cruising. The fuel consumption remains unaffected and driven with slightly less gusto is marginally better than before. Thank you for bringing such a brilliant device to market. A definite must have for anyone with a turbo diesel who wishes to exploit the vehicles full potential at such a relatively low cost witheasy installation.

Gary Papworth from Kings Lynn.
Mini. Cooper D 1.6
february 2012

Hi Rik, Just to let you know I`m very happy with the Tunit on the wife’s Cooper D, couldn`t resist a rolling road session with it the other Saturday. It produced 20ft/lbs more torque than Neals Clubman JCW Cooper S (1.6 Turbo petrol), best figures achieved 137bhp and 201ft/lbs. On the road the performance is impressive, we used it to pick up a vehicle from South London the other day and fuel consumption has improved too. Gary Papworth

Alan Stretton from Rochdale,
Mini, Cooper D
July 2009

Dear Sirs</p><p> On a recent long weekend to the Wye Valley in our new Mini Cooper diesel, fitted with your new chip, we covered 358 miles. On the journey down there we averaged over 78mpg.</p><p> For the whole weekend, on one tank of fuel, we averaged 74.7mpg, driving at normal speeds, not especially for economy.</p><p> The vehicle regularly averages over the mid fifties, just running about locally. We are obviously delighted with the vehicle's performance and frugality.</p><p> Yours,

Neil Gatward from Twyford,
Mitsubishi, L200
June 2010

We were planning a long drive (approx 1300 miles round trip) to Scotland and prior to the Tunit being fitted were looking at a diesel bill of approx GBP 380.00 for the journey, based on manufacturer consumption info. The actual cost for the journey worked out at GBP 270.00, with the unit set slightly lower than when fitted - but with the vehicle fully loaded. The Highlands presented no trouble for the vehicle, with the extra torque propelling us up slopes with amazing ease, and a much more enjoyable engine noise than the raw tone generated before the unit was fitted. My wife has already brought another unit for her VW, and a friend is buying a unit shortly for his L200 aswell. Cannot recommend these units highly enough.

Adrian Forbes from Cyprus,
Mitsubishi, L200 DCi Warrior
August 2007

I would just like to thank and compliment you and Tunit on your service and promt response to all the questions I had. upon reciveving your product I had it fitted immediatly and was ovewhelmed with the performance increase having allready had the mitubishi power upgrade your product made the vehicle drive better than I could have imagined. I have and will continue to sing your praises. and promote the sales of the Tunit product here on the sunny island of Cyprus.

Tim Moran from Hygga, Monmouthshire,
Mitsubishi, Shogun Sport 2.5
October 2008

Better performance, engine flexibility and response. Makes the shogun a _very_ good towing vehicle. Presently I have a camper conversion project in hand and will fit a tunit when complete.

David Taffinder from Wakefield,
Mitsubishi, Shogun Sport
October 2008

Mike Gregg from Preston,
Nissan, X-Trail 2.2 DCi
January 2009

Hi Dan. Did an trip to London last weekend and drove sensibly, when I hit 350 miles where the light would normally come on, I had a quarter of a tank left. I went on to 401miles before the light came on. Great job, still got the power low down and over the moon at the economy. Thanks very much. Cheers, Mike Gregg

Ray Potter from Swansea.
Nissan. Navara 2.5 dCi 171BH
November 2011

Jeremy Davies of Bernard Davies Commercials was very efficient at fitting the Tunit. I have just returned from a trip of around 800 miles. I have only checked the fuel consumption by means of the vehicle computer- not brimming the tank. This, however, shows an improvement in fuel consumption of marginally over 9%. The power/torque improvement is somewhat more difficult to quantify but on the only occasion I really booted it to try it out (not towing) it really seemed to be an improvement. When towing the torque is more obvious low down in the rev range. On main roads I seem to use around 1500-2250 revs an aweful lot. It is surprising how well I can hold top with no loss of roadspeed (measured by my Tomtom) on uphill inclines compared to previously. Also I can get into top gear much easier than previously and acceleration seems much improved. I hope this feedback is useful to you. Thanks again to you and Jeremy

John Emmerson from Wakefield,
Nissan, Navara 2.5 dCI D40
October 2008

I need a large vehicle to transport me and my heavy shooting kit to competitions all over Europe. With fuel costs the way they are, economy on a day to day basis will always be a problem. But my Navara always does in excess of 30mpg with the Tunit fitted. The more I travel, the more I save. I once followed a Porsche Caynne for several miles in Germany on the autobahn. He slowed down at his exit to have a look at what had kept pace with him! So no complaints about performance either.

Richard Rimmington from Hull,
Nissan, Navara 2.5 dCI D40
April 2007

Just to say thanks, fitted my chip last week to my Navara D40 and after trying others I am well impressed. Got it set on number 7 running fine so far, small hiccup when set on number 8 but torque is amazing. Will have to see how good fuel econ is when I start driving sensible again but I can't hep putting my foot down at the mo.

Phil from Hertfordshire.
Peugeot. 3008
1st March 2011

Just to let you know I had my Tunit remapped by Middlesex Tuning London and the throttle response from standstill is more responsive and now have a touch more torque lower down the rev range. It`s amazing the car manufacturers don`t map these cars like yourselves! Good work to you guys anyway.I change my car next time I will definately have another Tunit!

R W Head from Chester,
Peugeot, 406 TDi
October 2006

Thanks very much for your recent service on my purchase of Tunit for my 406. I must say that the help, assistance and service from all of you has been first class and it has been a pleasure to deal with you. The true test came recently when I towed my caravan and awning to North Devon, where I noticed a vast improvement. Thanks for all your help again

Peter Bailey from Cornwall,
Peugeot, 407 2.2 HDI
March 2011

I bought a Tunit unit for my 2.2l Peugeot 407SW and had it fitted and tweaked by Engine Tuners in Plymouth (and what a helpful, enthusiastic and friendly bunch they are!) Over my first 500 miles of motoring, 300 mixed and 200 towing a 1.5t caravan my computer tells me I'm getting 39.8mpg. Previous consumption without towing was 42mpg at best so I'm pretty pleased with the result. As for the improvement in power and torque, quite frankly I'm not so young as I was and I find it quite scary!</p> <p>Thanks guys.</p> <p>Best wishes

Barry Hodgkinson from Telford,
Renault, Megane 1.9 dCi
October 2008

Easy to fit, easy to adjust & a very different car to drive. Smoother gear changes, pick-up instant, acceleration mid-range incredible. All this & better fuel economy. Thank you.

Quincy Govan from Singapore,
Renault, Megane 1.9 dCi
October 2008

My main purchase intention was to extract more performance for my car. Tunit provided me this additional performance that I was looking for. Soon after that, I began to see a slight reduction in diesel consumption and this was interesting. I adjusted my driving habits, taking into account the additional performance, and the fuel savings was more regular. It seems that I now have the best of both worlds - performance when I need it most, and low fuel consumption at other times. Tunit was really easy to fit and its adjustable performance levels allowed me to experiment and find the best compromise between drivability, performance and fuel economy.

Sarah Thornton from Lanmark,
Renault, Clio
October 2008

Purchased a Tunit for my Renault Clio in summer 2007. Found the installation easy despite being far from a mechanic! The staff were happy to talk me through any questions I had pre- and post- purchase. Unfortunately I was involved in an RTA in the Clio and have since bought a diesel Leon, which my particular Tunit does not fit. Obviously this is an unforeseen circumstance and I would imagine had I had the luck to continue with the Clio for a long time period as I had expected, the Tunit would have performed exactly as described on the site. I found fuel economy to be only very slightly improved (although I did upgrade to larger alloy wheels around the same time so this would undoubtedly have increased my fuel consumption from the original wheels), and I found a marked improvement in engine performance.

Haydn Nord from Nantwich, Cheshire,
Renault, Modus Van 1.5 DCI
October 2008

Excellent Fast Service. I found your employees very helpful even with after service, and also keen to answer any questions i had. Has given my car a well needed power increase and fuel economy is great.

Nick Ridgeway from Essex,
VW, Bora 1.9TDI 115
Oct 07

I’m really pleased with the Boras performance since you worked your magic. 283 lb/ft of peak torque and minimum 234 lb/ft (the standard spec peak) available between 1700 and 3200 RPM has transformed the drive. The motorway overtake manoeuvre is now: let the car pass by, accelerate (in 6th) and pull out - oh and then brake to avoid running into back of the car that has just overtaken me :) Well pleased. We have a trip to Lindisfarne next week in Northumberland and en route there are a few longish A road climbs where it should excel. I’ll keep you posted about my MPG. Follow up email, received 23rd October 2007: Hi Dan, I thought I would give you an update. The Bora performed extremely well enroute to Holy Island up in Northumberland. It was always good on hills, but now they cease to exist. I think the fuel consumption remains as good as it was before the Tunit was fitted, 61 MPG on the trip covering the 200 miles in 210 minutes with a full load and a tide to catch avoid gives little cause for complaint! My perception is that 4th gear now accelerates the way 3rd used to do and 6th in turn accelerates like 5th did. But of course has a much wider range which is redoubled because the torque hangs in much longer. Imagine if it had a seven speed box. I would also like to thank you again for the excellent & conscientious service you provided.

Very, very impressed. Totally transforms the vehicle. Pulls from much lower down, smoothing out the point where the turbo comes in. An absolute joy to drive. I'm sure you've had all the superlatives before from previous customers but I honestly think it one the best things I've ever bought and for this reason I'm recommending to anyone I know who wouldn't be bored with me banging on about engines.

Nigel Kearney from High Peak, Derbyshire,
VW, Golf 2.0 TDI
October 2008

After fitting had laptop tune. Tested on Tunit rolling road and tested against Golf 2.0TDi 170bhp by VW Driver mag. More power and torque than the 170 plus would pull in 6th from 1000rpm. This is now a very quick car delivering 50+ average mpg.(or more if you take off the lead boot)

Well, words can't describe it. I think that I said to you that I never expected to change my other Passat and this one was in fact a most unexpected present (some present!!) and I bought the tunit, which makes the car absolutely stunning. It is such a wonderful combination of power, torque and flexibilty; I find it breathtaking - as do all passengers to date. I can hardly wait to see how it performs with the caravan when I set out tomorrow. I will send you a postcard from Provence to let you know what the verdict is, but I know that it will be superb. I have always loved cars, but have never driven anything like this. I just can't thank you enough

Douglas Brook from Loughborough,
VW, Passat 2.0 TDI
December 2011

I have had a tunit unit fitted to my VW Passat estate now for about 7 months, and it's great. Performance and fuel economy as well. What more could you ask for. Well Done Tunit, and Best Wishes for the new Year. I hope your sales of tunit units rocket so fast that you can't keep up with demand.</p> <p>Happy Christmas to all.

Nigel Kearney from High Peak,
VW, Scirocco 2.0 TDI
June 2009

Hi</p> <p>With regards to the Scirocco I can make a number of observations since the Tunit has been fitted:</p> <p> &middot; The fuel consumption has improved with the journey back from Silverstone showing 61.5 mpg travelling at an average of 80mph the car having 3 passengers plus me and a boot full of luggage. The overall average is holding at 53.5mpg being approx 8% better than before the unit was fitted.<br /> <br /> &middot; Performance wise the pulling power has noticeably improved giving a sense of urgency to the acceleration. The set up of the Scirocco with its lower profile wider tyres and sportier suspension seems more than able to cope with the increase and I would suggest that it could manage a little more. This is born out with the introduction of the 260bhp S3 version recent shown in the Top Gear Mag.<br /> <br /> &middot; The drivability is still as good as before the mod.</p> <p>Thanks

David Pearce from Hinckly, Leicestershire,
VW, Touareg 3.0 TDI V6
October 2008