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Nissan note 1.6 automatic fuel consumption

Hiya people. I've just bought a 59 reg nissan note 1.5 diesel (facelifted) and wanted to know if anyone else is having any such issues as mine.

Just filed up the tank yesterday (for the 1st time) and after driving it for about 30 local miles around london today its showing me that im getting 38mpg on average and thats making me feel worried

My main reason for buying this car was its great fuel economy (63 mpg combined as advertised) and i think im getting almost half of that

We're only new but hopefully will attract some new owners soon. For the moment the Honest John website is collecting real world MPG figures and those for the Note are as follows:

just bought the car 2 days ago. its got 28500 miles on it with full service history from nissan.

been to 5 different nissan dealers in london today, most of them refuse to accept that there might be a problem with the car, saying that cars need time to get out of choke mode etc etc. but ive been driving for the past 15 years and none of my previous cars were this much out from the official mpg provided.

After going the nissan in penge, who were really really helpful, they suggested i should check my air filter and maybe i should also try putting the diesel cleaner in the tank as well. as sometimes the tanks gets rubbish in it.

however tried that and gthe mpg on car display shows a sigh of improvement. now from 38 its gone up to 44mp.

i am getting about 32mpg running around town and to work and back,

a couple of mptorway trips with the last full tank of fuel and i am bang on the 38mpg as shown in the table above from Dan,

was hoping i might get the 41mpg combined but it had peaked at 44mpg and has slowly leveled out to 38.4 and is now going up and down a few points depending on the driving conditions

i am more than happy with this from an auto, my old 1.8 laguna manual only gave me 27.9 average

even after a motorway run it soon came back down to 28mpg and it took over £75 to fill the tank from empty compared to the Note that is a £55 maximum from light on to up the neck.

I have a Note S 1.4 petrol manual, 56 reg. and it does about 44mpg round town and country lanes, but it did a little over 50 on a 200mi trip with about 100mi motorway, 40mi in 30 & 40 limits and the rest 60 roads.

Perhaps we could build a register of members' models with the foibles of both cars and members, and features that members like and dislike. That kind of feedback is valuable to makers.

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I have a 1.6 auto (petrol). Did a stretch of 250 miles on A roads + motorway. extremely careful to keep the speed down to maximise consumption. Readout showed 50.0 mpg for last two thirds of the journey. Thought I'd done well, but on filling the tank and calculating actual miles against fuel used, I found I'd only managed 44mpg.

Greetings, j1wpr, from North Wales. I wonder if anyone knows what accuracy the makers claim for the instruments, such as the mpg calculator? As another example, my speedo. seems to read 10% high according to a roadside speed display in Llandudno. When the speedo. read about 42 the display showed "38 Thankyou"- isn't that nice of it. Mind you, I've upset a couple of 30 limit displays when the speedo. showed 30, but I don't think those are as accurate.

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