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Nissan note aftermarket stereo

I have a 2006 Model Nissan Note SE, looking to upgrade the stereo, it currently has one of the very old one disks stereos. it has a little cubby above it to store things like wallet / phone etc.

I am wanting to change the stereo to something a little bit more up to date, sat nav and bluetooth would be perfect!

Its also the fact my current stereo won't play discs I burn with my computer which is extremely frustrating!

However I would be okay with just bluetooth but ideally I would like the nissan connect system.

I am aware I need some sort of new head unit to replace the current one ( where the vents are in the middle of the car )

basically what I am trying to find out is there a quick way of changing it into a Nissan Connect system. I'm not very confident with cars and this nissan note is my very first car ( im only young! )

Is there any after market system that is easy to fit / get someone to fit it that will work with what I want?

The USB player is flawed, and won't recognise most of the tracks on a large memory stick. Sony are deaf to any complaints from customers, there are a fair few threads about this model.

Stick to small capacity memory sticks and mp3 files on CD and it is fine.
It will work with an iphone4 if you don't mind the cable coming out of the front. I think the bluetooth audio works after a fashion, but I never use it as it is a good way to flatten the phone battery.

However the bluetooth hands free works very well on the iphone, it supports whatever protocol it is where it gets the phonebook off the phone by itself.

I want to go back to The Olden Days, when every single thing that I can think of was better!

I've got to say I have been playing about with it all afternoon and I'm very impressed.

The one touch answering when your getting a call is flawless.

And the ability to play Audio from Bluetooth to the car stereo is perfect for what I want. No messing the A2DP profile works perfectly and it's excellent.

I don't think I will ever do the data cable method or USB stick.

I'm pretty sure I can charge my iPhone off then stereo another feature the connect doesn't have. Perfect for long journeys.

All in all a well worth upgrade for £100. Now to get the windows tinted :)

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charge my iPhone off then stereo another feature the connect doesn't have.

Be careful if you do - the police around here have been having a field day recently with their 'tint-ometer'

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