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Nissan note boot dividers

Usually when go on a trip in the QQ, Sneaks the Whippet has the boot all to himself and the back seats get filled up with luggage. This is fine when there is just me or only one other passenger.

I'm driving up to the Lakes in April to visit my parents and may have to give my little nephew a lift up there. I will also have another passenger in the front and the whippet to transport, and no doubt plenty of luggage.

I'm reluctant to fill the spare back seats with luggage in case they slide around and squish my nephew, and depending on how much stuff there is it could be a very tight fit anyway. The dog would be a nightmare travelling in the car itself because he would try to climb on my knee while driving!

Does anyone know of any solutions for dividing the boot so the dog can have one side and I can use the other side for luggage? I don't want to spend a fortune and the dog guard I use is a universal type rather than fully fitted. Are there any hooks etc using which you can effectively secure things with bungee cords or similar? Or cheap boot dividers?