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Nissan note diesel faults

As usual I have just jumped in without enough research and bought a 2010 N-tec 1.5 diesel Note with 27K on the clock.
The car to date is brilliant. I have just done a run and it returned over 60 MPG.
After I bought it I read this and another forum and was horrified to read of exploding diesel engines and problematic DPF s.
Are there any wise Nissan users out there who can provide me with any guidance or a list of DOs and DON'T s to avoid or at least minimise the risk of this happening to my car?
It is now out of manufacturers warranty. Is it a recognised problem and if so how do Nissan respond to these events?
HELP please Regards and thanks in advance.

DPFs CAN be a nightmare but in everyday use are not a problem for the majority of users, so, first things first relax.

DPF problems appear largely on diesel vehicles doing lots of short trips where the DPF fails to reach its operating temperature.

The result of 'running cold' is a blocked filter in need of regeneration. Normally a good blast down the motorway will allow the DPF to regenerate and 'clear' itself but you still need to get the fault code reset (tip: try and find a friendly local independent with the kit to do this and avoid main dealer prices).

If the DPF is constantly run 'cold' then it will need regenerating by a service agent (I avoid the term dealer for obvious ££££ reasons). This can cost upwards of £200 and, at a dealer, upwards of £350.

If the DPF cannot be regenerated then, as this is now an MOT failure item (it WAS an advisory but is now a failure), it will have to be replaced at upwards of £1000.

So, in essence, if you do ONLY short trips then you MAY have DPF problems. If you do normal mixed motoring with a bit of dual carriageway/motorway driving adequate enough (30 minutes or so) to get the DPF up to temperature then you should be OK.

and if the the dpf warning light does come on you have a short time to do one of those 30 minute trips to heat the thing up and clear it before it becomes a logged code.

Hi All
Thanks guys for the advice. I will make sure I keep an eye on the motorway driving thing with my diesel
An interesting comment from "mnl" about the service menu regeneration procedure. Can I get access to this menu and run this regeneration programme? or do I have to go to a dealer? I suppose I could find a quiet corner and sit with my foot on the pedal for 20 mins but I am sure to get some funny looks.
A life of work and poverty induced by too many children has bred in me a deep aversion to expensive glitzy showrooms.

In a word no it will have to be done with the Nissan consult system (main dealer tool)

dpf's need a good long run atleast 2-3 time a month so it regens it will also clear the cat

Just once again to qualify what I said in a previous post about courses companies I had driven diesels for and their concern about you. and of course their diesels one is driving. I will just post this link to hope it will enlighten you a little more as to owning and driving the diesel and of course for your own awareness. this allows you to see a nice little 'Bug' that loves living in a diesel tank.