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Nissan note drivers club

The NSCC Committee is pleased to announce thesecond track dayfor 2016 is now officially taking names and payments from members for the day.

Officially6weeks till the NSCC Track Day at Wakefield Park, Saturday 15th OCTOBER 2016


Friends will be allowed as passengers for free (they will be required to sign a Wakefield endemnity form and have a drivers licence and normal track day apparel, see below)

There will be a maximum of 60 cars with the format of the day being as follows.

We will have six groups maximum, with each group separated by previous track experience and times (These will be set by natsoft from last track day once we have a full field)

First timers will have a 10 minutes familiarisation session, where a more experienced person will passenger in their car and show them where the track actually goes, where the pit lane exit was, the racing line to follow and braking markers.

We will have a number of experienced people available all day.

The first sessions for all groups will be untimed and you can take passengers out.

Sessions 2,3, 5, 6 and7 are timed sessions with no passengers
Sessions 1 and 4 are passenger sessions
The sessions will be at least 10+ minutes each.

As we have timed sessions Ambulance and Recovery will be available, bearing in mind that we don't want to pull many cars out of the gravel.

The cafeteria at the track will be available on the day.
The cost for each member will be $155.00 for those who get their payments in over the next 6 weeks

For members who pay afterOctober 10ththe cost will be$180.00

We are also offering a package of new membership and trackday $205 a saving of $25 joining fee

New membership will go for 16 months allowing discounts at next years events.

These are eagerly awaited days and payment into the account is your only guarantee of a spot.

""With the success of the May track day, with a full field and a reserve list, you have to get in early""

So get those names down and payments in to secure your spot

New Members are warmly invited to attend. Instruction from experienced drivers will be offered on the day

Note you will need a Cams L2S license (See www.cams.com) you can also do it online, (refer to CAMS sticky)or purchase a yearly Wakefield license on the day which is about $50.00

You will also need long pants, good closed shoes, a helmet and long sleeved shirt.

Bring your Numbers if you have them allocated or we will allocate one for you on the day.

Battery triangle and Fire extinguisher not required for the day.

Payment into normal Nissan Sports Car Club Incorporated Account

Description "Member Number and Forum name" NSCC Trackday

Names of drivers will be inRED for attending,BLUE when payment has been confirmed