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Nissan note european my2009

Use the following MODEL TEMPLATE as the foundation for the Autopedia's Model page:

Start off with a brief Introduction to the particular MODEL. Please DO NOT use the same Introduction text from the <MODEL> Review page, but rather paraphrase ideas relevant to grasp an overall scope of the vehicle.

Please include the following line at the bottom of this section. Please replace <MODEL> Review with the proper text:

  • For MY2011, the Note gets a subtle facelift as well as an equally subtle trim and equipment upgrades, plus tweaked 1.4 and 1.6-litre petrol engines that now comply with the latest Euro V emissions regulations for the EU market. [1]
  • MY2009 will see the Note get another facelift. This new update will include a new grille, bumper and headlight design, revised taillight shading, a new pale green exterior livery, two new alloy wheel options and Nissan's touch-screen Nissan Connect system. Under the bonnet, the Note benefits from a recalibrated suspension geared toward ride comfort and a new 1.5-litre dCi diesel that produces a scant 119g/km of CO2. [2]
  • For 2008, the aging Nissan Note receives an extensive facelift entailing the front clip and the interior. Three new colours will now also be available. [3]

Specifications, details, graphs, pictures and other information regarding the powertrain is placed in this section.

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Warranty options and scheduled maintainence information should be mentioned here.

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List out notable awards that the model has recieved while in production. Boldface the company or orgainization that gives out the award, and Italicize the name of the award.