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Nissan note front coil springs

This is only my second post on this forum, so I don't know if this problem has cropped up before.

Our 2007 Versa has 90K km on the odometer. A couple of months ago we were driving through town, on a paved road at normal road speed, 50kph. Suddenly, we heard a helluva clang from the front left side of the car, as if we had run over a piece of metal. I stopped the car and picked up a circular piece of coil spring.

I silently cursed some idiot for leaving a piece of metal in the road.

Yesterday, I took the Versa in to a local brake shop for new front rotors. As the mechanic took off both front wheels, he called me over and said we had a serious problem. Both coil springs had snapped and broken and in almost the exact same location on the bottom coil.

One broken piece on the right hand side coil was sticking out, and it looked identical to the one that I picked up a couple of months ago in the road, when I thought it was somebody else's problem. The left coil was missing this piece.

The mechanic and I looked at the broken piece and it definitely looks to be metal fatigue where it snapped off.

The mechanic phoned the local Nissan dealer and I spoke with their Parts Manager. He said he had never heard of a coil spring snapping, and as the Versa was now past the warranty stage, they were not accepting any responsibility.

Now I'm left with a substantial repair bill for two new front coil springs.

Anybody else have this problem with broken front coil springs?

This is obviously a defect in the metal being used in the Versa coil springs.

Here is the total bill. It's in Cdn$ which is now on par with US$.

2 Coil Springs @ $187.76 each. $375.52
Labour: 2.5 hours at $89.50/hr. $223.75
Shop Supplies. $ 16.95

Some photos of the broken front left and right coil springs.

They both broke in almost the identical locations at the bottom of the spring.

I would suggest that when you take in your Versa for maintenance, have the mechanic pull the front tires and do a good inspection of the Springs. I wouldn't want this to happen to anyone else.