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Nissan note front subframe bushes

I am having a huge issue with my 2008 Nissan Versa hatchback. Took it to get inspected today. I received a phone call that I need new bushings. But that the part itself is $675 because they don't just sell the bushings alone. They said it's one huge part. Sooo has anyone dealt with this before? I wasn't at a dealer just a local franchise. But I did call the dealer and they told me the same price. Labor is around $190. This is just un real to me. 67,000 miles and the first guy told me I shouldn't even have to worry about anything like this yet. At 200,000 miles yes not 67! Any help is appreciated. I've only had the car for 8 months. One previous owner.

We are having the same problem with our car - 2008 Nissan Versa hatchback. I've purchased the bushings online and am going to try and replace them myself this weekend. I will let you know how that goes.

What kind of bushings are they that need to be replaced?

Probably control arm bushings (rear vertical one). If so those must be a pair of OEM control arms from the dealer, labor is correct if it were for control arms since book time is probably half an hour a side, depending on how stubborn the fasteners and the ball joint is to remove. Hey maybe it does need a subframe, but you're saying bushings. Subframe bushings last the life of the vehicle since they're never exposed to rubber damaging light or any heat sources, and see limited range of motion. At 200 000 miles and if you live in a "salt/wet state" i could see it if you needed a subframe for safety inspection. If you have a copy of an estimate can you take a pic of it so i can see what they're referring to?

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If it is the control arm bushings its a pretty easy fix. It's actually cheaper to just get new control arms with bushings in it than getting the bushings and pressing them into the old arms. The control arms are less than $50 ea on Amazon. I did it last winter in an afternoon. If you do go that route and do it yourself go get an alignment right away because you'll likely gain a ton of toe in and wear out your tires really fast.

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I have 2008 Nissan Versa hatchback also and I was told the same thing. The bushing in the sub-frame has gone bad and you cant replace just the bushing you have to buy a new sub-frame for $700. plus another $500. for them to put it in. I love the car but I bought it used with one previous owner and I've had to replace the front springs because one broke and the control arms due to a bad ball joint. Now a sub-frame.

Resurrecting this post -
My daughter was told the subframe on her '07 Versa (bought in July with 72K mi on it) needs to be replaced because the bushings are shot and the bushings can't be replaced on their own because of how the subframe is manufactured.

A Google search for "Nissan Versa Subframe" reveals a number of complaints about this problem.
Anyone have any updated information about what the deal is with this?

I also had to replace the subframe, because of the bushings. Spent about $1000. I asked for the old subframe, so maybe we can find the right bushings. The mechanic I took it to said Nissan is not selling the bushings, just the subframes. I found a couple bushings that might be the right ones, but waiting on a response from those companies.

07Versa6MT, These are not control arm bushings. We have bushings in the subframe that seem to serve as body mounts. check out item 4 in this image.

We were told we needed our subframe changed to the tune of $1249.13. I told them the 1249 was ok but the 13 cents was outrageous. That was by the dealer after getting the new coils from the recall put on. Also was told the lower control arms need to be done too, but that is easy enough. I found these but wasn't sure if they are correct or will work. This is obviously assuming that the subframe comes off rather easy?