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Nissan note rear window wiper blade

I purchased two new wiper blades from an automotive aftermarket suppliers (Parkinsons) Grimsby.

I got a Bosch 24' blade with a spoiler and a 15' Bosch Normal blade for the near side. You can fit a 15' blade as there is plenty of room for one, and you get that bit more area covered, and it really covers the sensor. At the time I got discount as I worked for a local company, but anybody can ask for trade. I think I payed about £9.75 for the pair.

Bosch are good quality. Champion are good too if you can get them. I just replaced the front blades on my '09 dCi. Nissan dealers have two versions available as spares. Original equipment (expensive) - by manufacturer NWB (Nippon Wiper Blade), and Service Replacement (cheaper) - under Nissan branding but produced by Valeo. I tried the Valeo versions. These are OK. Quality not quite as good as the OEM and the plastic clip doesn't fit well on the shorter arm on the passenger side. but OK. I'd use the OEM blades next time. After all, the original blades I replaced had done 24000 miles/ 4 years (amazing!) and only just starting to smear the glass.