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Nissan note salon warszawa

Has this goal been achieved? All the visitors already know the answer. Those who could not be there can read about it below!

The organisers of this year's edition of Poland's largest automotive trade fair - MOTOR SHOW 2014 - for a long time persuaded us of an extremely high level of the event and of its scale that would satisfy visitors from all over the country. Has this goal been achieved? All the visitors already know the answer. Those who could not be there can read about it below!

The four exciting and unforgettable fair days have indisputably gone down in history as the celebration of the automotive industry. From 27 to 30 March, Poznan was the heartlands of the enthusiasts of single and double-track vehicles, and the machines of great power and fascinating design. There were also beautiful women whose charm did not overshadow, but highlighted the sophisticated shapes of debuting models of cars, motorcycles, campers and air-planes.

The most important element of this year's edition of the great automotive event were 200 exhibitors who were even more involved in the preparation of their exhibition stands and the organisation of attractions. As many as 10 halls and a large part of the outdoor area were used, giving in total 50,000 sq. m of exhibition space, which makes Poznan unbeatable both in Poland and in Central and Eastern Europe. The statistics on visitors, however, turned out to be the most exciting thing. This year the MOTOR SHOW fair was visited by exactly 96,013 people. including both professionals and amateurs. How many events were available for visitors? This question is hard to answer. However, it is certain that the event was covered by the media from all over the country represented by hundreds of accredited journalists.

Regardless of the stage of development of the automotive industry, MTP has always offered the biggest event bringing together both professionals and enthusiasts of cars. This year's MOTOR SHOW reflected an optimistic mood in the industry, presenting a strong position of industry leaders. And what exactly was on show?

In particular, on the first day, visitors could participate in numerous press conferences featuring Polish debuts. These included: Porsche Macan, Mercedes S Coupe, Golf Sportsvan, Infiniti Q50, Jeep Cheronee, Nissan Note, Rolls-Royce Wraith. The only in Poland Alfa Romeo 4C, Volkswagen XL1, Maserati Ghibli or Kia Provo hybrid also aroused enthusiasm.

MOTOR SHOW 2014 also presented brands such as Mazda, Suzuki, Mitsubishi, Peugeot, Hyundai, Lexus, Citroen, Fiat, Abarth, Lancia, Ford, Audi, Bentley, Lamborghini, Seat, Skoda.

This year's Motorcycle Exhibition, which in comparison to last year doubled in size, was extremely impressive. The presence of Harley-Davidson with its global stand was also a great success. The stands of BMW and Romet were also impressive. Many visitors were positively surprised by the stands of Piaggio, Vespa, Gilera and the opportunity to admire an American legend – Indian motorcycles.

Other exhibitors also included ASP Group, Triumph, Modeka, KTM, Yamaha, Lidor, Kalinski, Ruady Srem, Parts Europe, Junak, ATV Sweden.

Traditionally, motorcyclists could take advantage of a free car park, while the main stage featured the final of the Custom Festival, i.e. the competition of the most beautiful motorcycles.

Caravanning is not only business, but also a way of life, which was shown at MOTOR SHOW 2014. The exhibition located in Hall No. 3 was extremely popular, not only with the participants of the Caravanning Rally. The share of the MOTOR SHOW in popularising homes on wheels is increasing, the more so we are pleased with the fact that the idea is supported by a growing number of exhibitors. This year we hosted the representatives of Balcamp, S-Camp, Romer, Buskamper, Europe Pampers, Polcamp, Caravan, Easy Amper, Wadowscy, Hobbies, Elcamp, 2N Everpol, CarGo, Camel Camp, Mika, Truma, Smolicz and Meva-Pol.

Really, a lot happened! In particular on the weekend when the ladies, often with their partners, watched the metamorphoses as well as consulted stylists, nutritionists and make-up artists. The exhibitors in this area also included producers of refined jewellery and designer furniture. Women could also find something for the body – a hairdressing salon and a clothing store, and for the spirit – freshly squeezed juices and hand-made lollipops. The City of Women could not do without cars, scooters and bicycles. The strongest magnets proved to be the hosts of the meetings with fashion – Maja Sablewska and Dorota Gardias.

The Motor Show Awards is the only competition which does not include any categories and provides a total freedom of choice. Guided by individual selection criteria, the most prominent automotive journalists selected models and designs that in their opinion deserved special recognition.

Both Adam Kornacki and Marcin Śliwa pointed to the new model of Porsche. Macan is in their opinion the car of the future, which was missing on Polish roads. The Mercedes-Benz brand also received two awards. Szymon Sołtysik drew attention to the diverse exhibition of the brand, while Piotr Wielgus was impressed by the new S Class Coupe.

Surprisingly strongly emphasised was the idea of Polish production. Patryk Mikiciuk pointed to the new model of Warszawa, which allows – with the participation of Lexani – to believe in domestic production anew. Włodzimierz Zientarski appreciated both Polish roots as well as eco-friendliness of Melex.

Stanislaw Sewastianowicz showed not only sentimentality, but also recognition for the work and heart put into the exhibition of the Automobile Club of Wielkopolska and otoMoto – Oldtimers: before & after.

Mateusz Miziołek focused on motorcycles as he was captivated by BMW RnineT. Jacek Ociepko also voted a motorcycle. He pointed to Ducati Monster 1200. Another winner was Romet Cafe 50, which was appreciated by Lech Potyński.

The winner of the Grand Prix was selected unanimously! Members of the chapter appreciated the stand, and actually the whole hall, arranged by Volkswagen Group.

During the Motor Show fair the results of the SUPER MOTO 2013 polls organised by the "Glos Wielkopolski" magazine were announced. The title of the Dealer of the Year of Poznan District was awarded to Bemo Motors, Ford Dealer – congratulations! The respondents selected Alfa Romeo 4C sports car as the Car of the Year. Awards were handed by the Poznan District Governor Jan Grabkowski.

What will certainly remain long in our memories? MOTOR SHOW 2014 featured two offroad tracks used to drive Jeep and Skoda Yeti, enchanting Polish debuts and exhibition at a global level. Patryk Zielinski will also long remember the moment when he won the Fiat 500! The MOTOR SHOW fair will also be unforgettable to the Miss of Internet Users - Agata Chrośniak, Miss Romet - Wioleta Budnik-Jühlke and Miss Moto- Angelika Wachowska.