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Nissan note side light bulb

Does anyone know how to replace the front headlamp bulb? The owners manual/diagrams instruct you to grip the left/right sides of the electrical wire connector block and pull? I have tried this without any success. It just won't come off! I don't want to pull it too excessively as it may cause damage to the headlamp unit. I have been at it for over 2 hours and almost given up. Do you have to take it to a Nissan dealer just to replace a simple headlamp bulb?

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pull and wiggle the plug you may need it leaver it with a fine flat blade screwdriver

Yes, I have tried that and if do it too excessively (pull & wiggle) the spring clip on bulb holder comes undone?
Do you wiggle it left & right or up & down? Do you need to squeeze the left/right side of connector and pull?
I never had so much problem in all of my previous cars with a simple task of replacing a bulb!
Any other advice before taking it the Nissan dealer?

I had difficulty when changing the wife's Note Bulbs for better ones.

I found that the rubber covers are a tight fit on the connector.

Pull the covers off first and then the connector is easier to grip- you still need to be a Charles Atlas, though, to get them off.

replacing the connector does need the covers on first.

Also that spring clip was a bit of a B%$%^$ to undo on the first lamp - was easier on the second lamp.

But why do they put the headlamps where you can't really see what you're doing?