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Nissan note turbo.fr

I saw that a nissan dealer in greece put together a turbo kit for the HR16DE. I have talked to them before and they believe it will also work on a Versa/tiida. Not sure if it will work with newer style HR's though. Figured I'd post up their kit. I told them about our forum and maybe they will chime in. The kit I'm sure is pricey in the $3k range I bet.

Engine layout looks pretty much identical to the one in my note so I don't see why it shouldn't workonly problem I do foresee is that we lack an aftermarket for forged pistons and reinforced internals so I don't see this kit being able to produce much power on a stock engine

It made just under 150 brake horsepower. Not sure how much you want to make or how much the stock internals can handle but i've turbo charged another nissan and that car was sold running at 218k miles. There are tons of fits and yaris running turbo on stock internals. With a conservative tune i doubt you will have too much issues. But if the boost bug bites and you turn the psi up I'm sure you will blow up the little engine that could.

Super clean setup! How much psi and what is that turbo equivalent too? I didnt know BorgWarner turbos were Chinese

I just want a turbo manifold for the mr18, I can fabricate the rest myself (if I ever went that route)

Looks like a KO3 from a VW. Those are good numbers for only 4.5psi, do you know if it has any supporting mods? I would like to it see with with full exhaust, intake, and 10 psi.

I think it was all stock besides the turbo. Even used the stock airbox. More info can be seen here but you need to use a translator. Δοκιμή: Qashqai 1.6L light turbo by Nissan Κυριακούδης

not really looking into it for myself as much as i was just trying to avoid people thinking they could slap this on their HR16DE and turn up the boost thinking they are going to make big power and then blowing up the engine and wondering why it happened. really good setup they have going there though and hopefully they will think about shipping them out to us, heck any aftermarket for the versa is a good thing. i know personally that just the intake on mine alone provided a pretty good gain and makes me think this engine has alot more potential than what Nissan tunes it for which is mostly for gas savings and not performance.

I would hope people are smarter then just upping the boost but you never know. Everyone should educate themselves on how turbo work before taking something like this on. I suggest reading Corky Bell's book called Maximum Boost. It's old now and some info might be a little dated but it's definitely a good place to start.

What a sweet little kit. And if the price stays under 3k with tuning that makes it even sweeter. Stock internals probably couldn't take more then 10psi and the stock maf sensor won't work past 4.5 psi. Rev up sells a 4 bar maf for a couple hundred bucks. And if you do pop a piston or however you blow the engine a replacement is cheap here in Florida.

No one knows what stock internals can handle. Only way to find out is to blow one up . As far as the stock maf only being able to handle 4.5 psi do you have any sources for this? I would think stock injectors would run out before the maf.

Engines are really cheap for these cars and plentiful. That is a plus for sure.