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Nissan note usb

I can't find much technical info on Nissan Connect - maybe you have a manual?

Does your Nissan manual mention anything about how it reads the files, or which devices it's compatible with?

I would expect that Nissan Connect talks to MP3 players using MSC, in which case it might not be able to find the files on your Clip+ if you're using Auto or MSC.

Have you tried swapping the Clip+ between MTP and MSC mode?

I've heard that Connect can only supply limited power to the USB port, so it can't power USB hard disks very well, but the Clip+ should be fine.

As a workaround, you could copy your mp3s to a memory stick and shove that in.

Why, if I connect my clip+ to the car stereo USB port would the clip+ use it's battery rather than charge and use the radio/car power?

Could this be why the car stereo alternates between USB and radio without managing to stay on USB and allow me to play tracks from the clip+ as if it was attached storage?

Can anybody recommend a good FM transmitter to work with the clip+?