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Nissan note usb lead

Thanks to all of you who tried to help me figure out how to play music through my car stereo. I bought an audio cable and it did not work. I made sure the cable was plugged in securely. So, after a couple more on-line chats, phone calls with Samsung over a weekend, I called their product department on a Monday, thinking I could order a Samsung audio cable through them. The rep told me they do not sell that product but also told me she has a Samsung III and she bought an audio cable through Radio Shack for $10 and it works just fine. So that's what I did and it works. I can now play music through the stereo in my car. The sound quality isn't as good as what I hoped it would be but I also know there are sound settings in my music app I can adjust. I have to turn the volume all the way up on my car stereo to hear the music pretty good and then when I switch over to a radio station it is WAY too loud. If anyone has any suggestions on how to improve the quality/volume issue, I would appreciate it. Again, thanks to all of you for your help.

Do you have your phone paired to your car's Bluetooth? If so, just make sure you have "media audio" checked so that your music and other stuff also transmit through Bluetooth. The sound may be about the same as the AUX but at least you wont need a cable. Your car's stereo has to support A2DP to work though.

Edit: Did some research and found that GM car stereos dont support A2DP at this time. Weird since the tech has been out for a few years now. Your best bet is to use the AUX cable as you are currently. You cold also get a A2DP to AUX Adapter.

Thanks for the research on the GM car stereos. The AUX cable is working just fine. Having a little trouble with iTunes, though. I can transfer my music library on to my phone but then I get a message that says my player does not support the audio format. I think I am going to import my CD's right to my device.

You can buy a cable one end of which plugs into your phone's earphone plug outlet, and the other end into your car stereo system.